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Denomination:"We used these 30 & 40 Day generosity devotionals, videos & kits in hundreds of our churches of all sizes. On average, churches saw giving increase 35% the following year!" Stephen Burfield

Family: "This generosity Bible devotional helped my husband and children get-on-the-same-page in our generosity and joyfully increase our giving." 


Biggest Offering Ever: "We hoped to raise $20,000 to help the needy.  But after using the 40 Day generosity materials we received the biggest offering in our church's history - $469,000!"  Read article

50% Giving Increase: "We hadn't met our church budget in 4 years.  But after using Brian's generosity devotionals, videos, and kit we saw giving increase 50%!"  Watch Video 

Group: "We went through this devotional with our families at home.  We then used the video and discussion questions for our group every week. We openly discussed our generosity journey with each other. This turned out to be a very positive and exciting life-changing experience for all of us."

Struggling Church: "Our church was struggling financially.  But after using these generosity Bible devotional materials we saw giving increase 80% the following year!"  Watch Video 

Church Building Campaign: "Our capital campaign consultant said the most we could ever raise was $1 million dollars.  But we decided to use Brian's devotionals as part of our campaign and we raised $1,500,000 (50% more than we were told we could raise)!"   Church in Iowa

$200,000 Outreach Offering and 50% Giving Increase: "We used these devotional resources and at the end of the 40 Days we collected a special outreach offering of $200,000 and also saw our regular giving increase 50%!"   Watch Video

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Stewardship Campaign Generosity Bible Devotionals (over 600,000 in print in over 40 languages) are the #1 Bible devotionals used by churches and ministries for Annual Funding, Stewardship Drives, Building Projects, Missions, Pledge Drives, Capital Campaigns, and City/Country-wide www.LovingOurCommunity.org Generosity Campaigns 

Generosity Devotionals for Churches

40 or 30 Day stewardship programs used by 3000 churches to IGNITE people's faith, INSPIRE generosity & INCREASE giving