Generosity Devotionals for Churches

40 or 30 Day stewardship programs used by 3000 churches to IGNITE people's faith, INSPIRE generosity & INCREASE giving


We recognize the some churches do not have the cash flow or budget funds available to pay for the generosity devotionals and Digital Kits.  

But we so believe that our materials will help inspire generosity and increase giving that we offer a Money Back Risk Free Guarantee and a 90-Day Delayed Payment option (for any order of $200 or more).

If you would like to use the 90-Day Delayed Payment option,

please call Pastor Brian Kluth on his cell at


We will need a credit card payment for ~20% of your order

and then the remaining ~80% balance will be due in 90 days.

Note: Any$1 per copy custom covers need to be paid for at the time of your order + the 20%.

Call the author, Brian Kluth @ 719.930.4000