Based on our experience serving thousands of churches, we offer you a NO RISK MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on our digital materials.  Just follow these best practices recommendations utilized by other churches.


  1. Order and distribute printed copies of the devotional for the families in your church.
  2. Order the DIGITAL KIT with the APPs, Videos, and Companion materials.
  3. Make the discussion videos (40 Day or 30 Day) available to small groups and/or classes (whether they choose to use them or not).  For children 4-9 years old, make the "Live to Give" PDF curriculum available to your SS teachers.
  4. Have 3 or more sermons on finances/generosity during the 30 or 40 Days campaign.
  5. Let all your families know how to access the APP's for their iPhone/iPad, Android, or Windows8 phones, devices, or tablets.  This should be done via announcements in the worship services, email blast, newsletter announcement, and website link (if you have a website).
  6. Show the weekly worship service videos (40 Day or 30 Day) during the offertory or announcements.

OUR PROMISE TO YOU:  ​If you follow these 6 steps and do NOT see giving increase within 100 days (from the start of the campaign) to cover the cost of our digital generosity materials, we will refund the monies you spent on the digital kit.  

NOTE: In making this offer to thousands of churches, we have not yet had to refund any monies because many churches that have followed these guidelines have experience double digit giving increase. Click to see list of churches and testimonials.  Note: Shipping and custom cover printing is not covered in this offer.

40 or 30 Day stewardship programs used by 3000 churches to IGNITE people's faith, INSPIRE generosity & INCREASE giving

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Generosity Devotionals for Churches